Advertising & Media Kit

By advertising on Bottle-Spot, you can reach key customers in a targeted and effective manner. We offer a luxury-oriented and affluent customer base.

  • Large Scope: Expose your message to a large audience that is highly engaged with the site's content.
  • Exclusive Target Group: The typical Bottle-Spot user is a well-educated man with disposable income. He's interested in collector's items, brand name clothing, exclusive cars, beautiful vacations, and many other kinds of luxury goods.
  • High-Quality Traffic: When advertising on Bottle-Spot, you reach high-quality traffic from major hubs around the world. We provide a highly targeted audience and work with you to ensure campaign performance
  • All Forms of Advertising: We provide all types of advertising from display to video. We are happy to work with your marketing team directly to produce sponsored content including newsletter pieces, specialized writing, and sponsored videos.

Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about advertising on Bottle-Spot!