Verify Your Account!

Bottle-Spot offers multiple user levels that allow you to use more features of the site and let other users of the site know that you’re a trustworthy person to transact with. All users can sign up to become "verified" for free. If you're interested in becoming a trusted seller you can request early access using the options below.

For each level of verification, we ask that you provide additional details to prove to us that you are indeed who you say you are. This verification step is quick, and all confidential information is destroyed after the verification process is complete.

  • Basic Verification

    $ 0 mo
    • Verified User Badge
    • Regular featured listing pricing
    • Regular highlighted listing pricing
    • 5 listings at a time
    • 1 auction at a time
    • 1 Photo per listing
    • NO Listing Videos
  • Premium Seller

    $ 49 mo
    • Trusted Seller Badge
    • FREE featured listing pricing
    • FREE highlighted listing pricing
    • Unlimited listings at a time
    • Unlimited auction at a time
    • Unlimited Photos per listing
    • Unlimited Videos per listing