Look !! RARE RARE commemorative Grand Marnier  

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Grand marnier Napolean Bonaparte 1 commemorative l.jpg

Exquisite !! Extremely COLLECTIBLE and Rare Grand Marnier Commemorative Opaline Decanter. Unopened and close to pristine condition !
This very limited edition was SOLD OUT perhaps 20 plus years ago. I have not seen any like bottles for at least that many years. I have seen some EMPTIES being auctioned off on EBAY..

I believe it to be a reproduction of Grecian inspired Opaline Decanter depicting an image of Alexander the Great and the original decanter was apparently owned by Napoleon Bonaparte 1st.

It is my understanding that this was a very limited COMMEMORATIVE production item from Grand Marnier issued in the late 60's early 70's.

One of the enclosed cards translates as follows....

Opaline reproduction of a Carafon(carafe) apparently belonging to his Majesty the Emperor Napoleon 1st...How cool is that !

Cash pick up in Calgary .

I Might ship within Canada under specific conditions...payment for collectible and shipping must be paid for in advance via E-Transfer. I will pack very carefully but i will not guarantee safe delivery nor will there be a refund due to loss or breakage.

Purchaser must provide confirmation of legal age due to my COLLECTIBLE'S bottles contents.

Thank you for visiting DREAMDRAM1.

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