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Hello again whiskey and bourbon fanatics!

This auction is for ONE bottle of Old Fitzgerald Prime Bourbon. Old Fitzgerald is a classic bourbon, fit for both the budding whiskey enthusiast and collector and those looking to bring something a whole hell of a lot more impressive than the old Jack No. 7 to poker night. Old Fitzgerald is a sweet, wheated bourbon produced by the famous Heaven Hill distillery.

This particular bottle is unique in that it is a large format bottle (1.75 L). It is becoming increasingly difficult to find these large format editions! Although this auction is for a single bottle, I have a total of three large format Old Fitzgerald bourbons for sale. If you are interested in purchasing a bottle, or two, or three, please message me and we can discuss the details! I am willing to offer a deal for a multiple bottle sale.

Shipping for a single bottle is $20.00 for any location within CONUS. As I cannot insure alcohol shipments, shipping liabilities are to be assumed by the buyer upon payment. In all my years of buying, collecting, trading, and selling whiskies, bourbons, and scotches, I have never once had to deal with a shipping issue!

My intent is to provide each potential buyer with full, transparent details, easy, secure transactions, and hassle-free service. If you have any question at all, or you just wish to talk whiskey, do not hesitate to contact me!