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I have a few extra bottles of the Rare Four Roses 'Super Premium' Platinum Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey available for Sale - Price is $275 per bottle (via PP F&F or Venmo)

This bourbon can only be found in Japan, a fact that is at first confusing until you remember that in 2002, Kirin Brewery Company purchased Four Roses. The bourbon is distilled and aged at the Four Roses distillery in Kentucky before it is shipped to Japan to be bottled. The bottle features the classic Four Roses flower symbol in metal.

Four Roses Super Premium is a completely different product than what you can buy in the U.S. While it uses the same traditional Four Roses recipes, the percentages are different than what you will find in a Four Roses Yellow or Four Roses Small Batch in the U.S. It’s rumored that Super Premium uses several of the recipes, and 80% of the Bourbon must have been aged a minimum of 8 years while 20% aged 10 years or greater. The bourbon is dumped from the barrel at the Four Roses distillery in Kentucky and then sent over to Kirin in Japan for bottling and distribution.

Bottle's are new stock from 2019 and are in perfect condition. I am located in the SF Bay Area, so I can meet in person or Buyer is responsible for shipping costs (1 or 2 btls is $20 via 2 day Priority)


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