Local Nashville Trade ISO WLW, GTS, VW15, OFitz 

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  • Wednesday, October 9, 2019
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I’m out of shelf room and looking to trade. Multiple bottles for a single if appropriate and cash if needed. I am looking for GTS, WLW, PVW15, older Michters 10, AH Hirsch 16, M20, Old Fitz 11 and 14 year, VWFRR, William Heavenhill, and a HHSS whetted cognac finish.

I’ve got what you see in the picture plus some others. Also have samples of a lot of rare bourbon if interested.

In the picture:
Single Oak barrel 140, EW 12 yr, High West American Prairie, Yellowstone, Black Ridge, Corner Creek, Old Pogue, 2015 Michters BP rye, Bear Wallow, EW masters select, Gifted horse, Black Saddle 12 yr, Jefferson’s Ocean 6, Four Roses 130 700ml (I make a massive haul in Denmark), ECBP a117 (I have a couple of the older bottles as well), Stagg Jr various batches, Abraham Bowman Gingerbread cocoa, Dickel 14 yr, 2016 OFBB. Forgot to add a EC 12 year age stated old bottle. OF1870, OF Statesman.

I have other opened / partials I would include if someone was so inclined.

Local Nashville trade. I don’t sell....only trade.

The empty bottles are not available, just on the table from recent emptying.
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