12 Year Erza Brooks - International Market Bottle  

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After years of collecting, buying, trading, selling, and tasting whiskies, bourbons, and scotches, very few a bottle claiming to be rare or unique put my bourbon hunter senses on high alert and send my accounts spiraling towards the red. This bottle, on the other hand, hits all the marks. I'm thrilled to bring you this bottle of Erza Brooks 12yr Single Barrel bourbon.

Let's analyze the details: international market bottle purchased from a hole in the wall liquor store in London, found sitting in a dusty haze on the top shelf, extremely limited, hand-bottled and sealed in January of 2015, rumored to contain a special batch of Heaven Hill juice, 99 proof, barrel number 580, and a beautiful, unbroken wax seal with blue, red, and gold ribbon.

The term rare is a cliche in the whiskey world, but it has never applied to a bottle the way it does with this unicorn. I could not be more excited to share this one with you guys. As always, I am committed to the utmost transparency and fairness in my listings, and I will happily provide pictures, information, and answers to questions (the best I am able) if you have them. Please message me with your cell number and I will contact you promptly. Thanks a million, and happy hunting.

Check out the boring listing details below, and if you like discontinued Japanese whiskey, give my other listing a glance. I think you'll like what you see.

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