Massive Mini Collection Vintage 76 bottles 1930-70 

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76 Bottles... I threw out pretty much all the ones that were near empty or empty (too bad because some were pre-prohibition). It's a massive mix of gins, rums,scotch, brandy, chartreuse, and all sorts of random stuff. Most of these look to be 1930s-1950s, a couple from 60's and 70s. Just need to make some room... I'd do $500 if someone could pick them up, or $600 if someone wanted them shipped, as it will be a pain to pack these individually. Must be 21, for collectible purposes only. Enjoy!

Most of these have been stored in a box in a closet for the last couple decades. They range between 1/3 full to full, I'd say about 50% are 90% or more full. Hard when some of these are 70 years old! Take a look at photos.
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