FT Barrell Craft Spirits holy trinity bourbon rum 

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Wow!!! Super rare and limited releases... Fred Minnick’s number one whiskey of the year is the Bourbon... the rum was also one of his tops. The Whiskey is the most limited of all. A 25yr finished in Madeira casks. I’m looking to trade the three of these, mint condition, for one of these options:

Pappy 23
Pappy 20 + OFBB
Pappy 15 + Lob B
Pappy Rye 13 + Lot B
ER17 + WLW
WLW + Pre-2006 GTS
3x WHH
6x THH

I know some people may think I’m asking a lot but these are super rare, the very first release of the Gray Label, and are also insanely delicious. Must be 21, for collectible purposely only.
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