Bunker Cleanout Bourbon Rye Rum 

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  • Saturday, September 21, 2019
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I bought a little too much stuff on my last hunt... I need to do a little cleanout of the bunker, here is what I'm looking to sell. Will do a small discount if you buy multiples. $20 shipping for the first bottle and $2 for each additional

Orphan Barrel Entrapment $225 each (3x)
Orphan Barrel Forged Oak $125 each SOLD
Kavalan Sherry Oak Whiskey w/ box $160 each (1x)
Yamazaki 12 w/ box $150 1x
Whistle Pig Boss Hog SOLD
EH Taylor Seasoned Wood SOLD
PHC 11yr single barrel $325 each (2x)
Nikka from the Barrel w/ box SOLD

Wild Turkey 13yr Distiller's Reserve Import 45.5% w/ box $165 each SOLD
Blanton's Single Barrel Japanese Import 46.5% abv dumped 9/29/1991 SOLD
Blanton Straight from the Barrel 133.3 proof 5/18/17 $SOLD
Compagnie Des Indes Four Square Rum 12yr in box $200
Lot 40 Cask Strength Rye 12yr (Canada only release) $250 each (4x)

Must be 21, for collectible purposes only. Really looking to decrease the size of my bunker, but will trade multiples for better bottles like BTAC.
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