For Sale: Dusty Collection of 1976 McCormick THE P 

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  • Friday, November 8, 2019
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All tax stamps are sealed, all are in their original box. All have whiskey in them, but I'm not sure how full given the age.. I think most are 3/4-7/8ths full, but it's impossible to tell. I don't know exactly what these are worth, I've seen them listed online for a ton of money, but I think people are over estimating their worth (some website is trying to Sell George Washington for $400!!). I have: John Hancock, George Washington, John Paul Jones, Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry. Amazing to find these in New, old stock condition, in their original boxes with the documentation. They are all 86 Proof and distilled & bottled by McCormick Distilling Co in Weston, MO. I am asking $250 (down from $400) for the entire collection or best offer. Pretty unique part of American History to find these still with the sealed tax stamp.

Cash and carry only, given their age, I will not ship them.
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