For Sale: Francois De Marange (D. Bouju) Supreme Plenitude G. Champagne 

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Francois De Marange Supreme Plenitude Grand Champagne Cognac in wooden presentation case with crystal stopper. This bottle, specially made , is crystal and was made by the Cristallerie de Hartzviller. I have had this Cognac under Daniel Bouju brand (you can see a bottle pic in my post next to Bisquit, viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1033). This one produced under single year vintage line of Daniel Bouju called 'Francois De Marange'. Cognac is very dark color just like Bouju, but I believe this one is a bit older than my Bouju bottle. The Supreme Plenitude that I kept and still have about 1/3 is pretty amazing-tasting liquor.
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